everyday i read, what else we dont need
i'd go outside, but the news says where going to die
the worlds run a muck, who really gives a **** and
im told i must do more, i work at a bookstore so?

All i seem to hear, is that the end is near
the norths no longer cool, i always wanted a swimming pool
and i guess its our fault, that all human life may halt
the inconvenient truth you tit, is that your full of shit



Heres a rough recording of the song if you want to hear it-

on paper i couldn't quiet get this song too flow but after listening to your recording it isn't half bad, one thing i couldn't pick up on was the theme, is it about some lazy dude or the end of the world? or both? otherwise good.
its really kind of a reply to what Al gore has been saying over the past few years about global warming, and how we are all going to die, and how its all our fault. But to anyone who has been following the news recently it turns out that we really have had nothing to do with our planet warming. I guess what im trying to say in the song, is that we are probably in trouble, but its not our fault, so lets make the best of it.

I hope that answers your question, if not, then lol give me a break im half retarded
lol thanks for clearing it up, it makes sense now, sorry i dont read the news much though, all i can say is well done then better job than i could do