Im thinking of building an explorer but i'm not sure the best way to go about it,
Im thinking cheap though,

-what wood shall i use?
-solid block or in pieces?

Im open to any suggestions
I'd say for wood use Alder or poplar.
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hmm that OP sounds like a post from someone who hasnt put enough thought into this.

Building guitars on the whole, is not cheap, unless you have all the tools and cheap lumber yards near buy

YOU should choose the wood you want to use to reflect the sound and feel you want out of the guitar, and solid block all the way if you can.

Buy the book Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock and read it a few times absorbing everything, you need to write lists of all the hardware, wood, tools, finishing products you need, and the price you will have to pay for them, so you can start saving up for it.

You need to design it thoroughly and plan in full scale drawings, knowing exactly how you will do every step of the process (techniques required, tools required etc).

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I see what you meen,
Im going to do it as a tec project at school,
Soo, I'm pretty sure theyll have the tools,
As i know a few people that have made them at school
im hoping i can do it in my tech class to
but seriosuly read the book by hiscock and any other material you can get on
hang around here for a while and over at the project guitar and youll start to pick things up pretty quickly and as previously mentioned plan plan and plan some more
all the luck to ya