Hi, my name is Dan.
I work for a music company on the East Coast and am an okay guitar player who loves music, big time. Mostly Rock, Classic Rock and 90's stuff, pretty much all of it

I would like to introduce you to, if you do not know them yet ,a band that has recently supported: Disturbed, members of Pearl Jam and Blind Melon, Living Color, Steve Vai and many more on tour. They are THE LIMIT.

Check them out here: www.thelimitmusic.com

Let me know what you guys think by the way. I found a couple other cool bands too. I need to get into them and I will post.

Thanks, Danny
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I just saw on The Limit’s website that they launched a new page called Guitar Shop. I downloaded some free lessons that their guitar player, Mark Daniel, wrote.

Those of you who have heard him play know his work is serious stuff.
Check I out here on their site: www.thelimitmusic.com

Thanks everyone, Danny

Permission to make this the official forum.
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Let's be honest here, you're on commission for this band, aren't you?
Terms and Conditions apply.
Like, I get money for CD's sold.?....not a bad idea, but no, I am not at this time, LOL....maybe I'll make a pitch.