heard that a man came around
if i had the chance i'd go
can't be harder than this
the cops don't bother us, its useless

we are the gluesniffers of university square
we're so hungry, we could die
and it's not our fault
it's not our fault

things around here will never change
things around here were meant to be ****ing strange
some of my friends walked away
the rest of us hope, they ****ing die

we are the gluesniffers of university square
were so hungry we could die
nothing else is here
and i haven't found out yet
why my friend did this to himself

it's not my fault
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I'm sorry but the guitar sounds like it's too high pitched, try in a lower key maybe?

EDIT: I realize I was listening to the wrong song, the one you mention above doesnt seem to be listed in your profile
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