Hey guys,

So I'm having problems in my live set with my acoustic guitar not cutting through enough (with a full band) and i was wondering whether I should get a clean boost or a compressor.

I was looking at a Maxon CP-9+ Compressor (which can give me a boost of up to +30 db) but I'm scared that using a compressor is going to kill the dynamics in my acoustic guitar playing. I'm also scared that it might kill my acoustic guitar tone, can anybody tell me what happens to the tone when I plug through a compressor? (http://www.maxonfx.com/9/cp9/)

I was also thinking about getting a clean boost (any good recommends?, I'm in Canada so i don't think I can get a Keeley Katana, but If anybody has any other reccommends to go along with a Katana).
Also I had the logic that if I am already going to spend the money on a clean boost won't I get more value in buying a compressor especially if it can boost as well?


With the compressor on my Route 66 I just turn the compression all the way down and use it as a clean boost. So you could always just do that.

I recommend an EQ pedal though. They provide something like 12db boost for each frequency, and you can shape your sound to cut through more.

This one is recommended the most: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/MXR-M108-Ten-Band-Graphic-EQ?sku=151115

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