i have a jackson dinky dkmg forest green. it is in mint condition except it has a bit of scratches on the front that are only visible when held up to the light at a certain angle. it is the slightly older version that has emg hz pickups and an extra humbucker knob.

i'm working on getting a picture uploaded but i'm having trouble figuring out how so for now, i'll just post without a pic.

also, another question: has anyone ever sold a guitar to guitar center? do they rip you off? do they pay reasonably for it?
Guitar Center, as with all large retail chains, rip you off when you turn in a used guitar. They take the smallest detail and blow it way out of proportion to give you less money than you deserve.

Go to ebay and check out guitars like yours and the price they're going for.
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do not even PONDER selling anything to guitar center. I went in to sell a unopened Vox ad50vt, and a 3 week old never played RR3 and they offered me $300 for all of it.
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would the scratches through the value off by a lot? they seem to be going for around 400-600 on ebay.
To get a good idea of what to expect when selling equipment to Guitar Center (or any other pawn shop/reseller for the matter), take a look and see how much the guitar is selling used on ebay.

Take an average of that... then cut it in half.

That's how much you can expect from any retailer, provided it's in good condition.

You MIGHT get more if you "trade" it in for store credit, but even then you'll still make more selling it outright on your own.
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