first.... i need to let you know why i wrote this ... this will be used as a part of a culture event in our school (we have the international student exchange and this ceremony will be as a "welcome" to our fellows) ... a mate of mine will read this on the begining of the "15 min of poems" while another mate of mine will play a piano if you got my point...
then i guess i have to explain 6th verse... however... yes the UG is ultimate guitar... and i didn't pick any of your lyrics ... i only said that so i could use my own lyrics later (in the next songs) without the whole school looking at me like this: ..

so basicly it was made in 5 min and it is not perfect... it's more like for fun... please crit yeah cheers ug

oh an yeha.. poem#1 would be the title...

ladies and gentlemen
listen to me now!
i bet you will be sleeping
in five minutes from now

this is a cultural programme
a boring event
the teachers want to see you impressed
it is, aswell, the time to pretend

so please, fake a smile
the ones above us fall for that
onve it's over, act excited
act like it was not so bad

id' like to tell you how
we came across this (whole?) idea
we were told to do osmething clam
something that wouldn't hurt your ears.

so Irij, the man
that's me ;P
took the things in his own hands
saying; "we can do this!!"
"we can make an extremely boring event"

he collected some lyrics
'off the UG
added some music
(which was stolen indeed)

however.. the skinny is here
the things you're about to hear
won't make any sense
and remember.... it's the time to pretend!
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