Poll: Is Kim Jong Il really dead?
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Voters: 67.
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I read somewhere that the CIA or some such institution believes that he probably died of diabetes in 2003 and that we are actually trying to negotiate with his 5 decoys who used to make public appearances for the real kim jong il when he was fearful of assassination attempts and stuff like that.

So what do you guys think?
Is Kim Jong Il still alive?

Or is he dead?
This thread could easily end up full of team america quotes....

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No, he got in his cockroach spaceship and flew away.
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Nah, he's just holed up in his room watching his infinite DVD collection.
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This thread could easily end up full of team america quotes....

"It's inevitable"
I can imagine we'll never know; all north koreans look the same.
he failed to appear for the parade marking the 60th anniversary of DPRK

it is suspected he has recently suffered a stroke, and not that he is already dead
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*cascade of team america references*
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im not sure if he's dead since 03,but theres definitly something wrong with him esp since he missed thta parade etc
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He isn't dead, I talked to him yesterday!

(I know a guy who is named Kim Jong Il, but everyone just calls him Il)


oh he dead....


him and osama are in the same thing similar to what we found hussein in. The only difference is they are in one together some where underground jacking each other off and remaking "Brokeback Mountain."
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i did hear that he had a stroke. i'm sure there are military experts here in america who are hoping he dies so we america can sweep in and "save the day" like we did with Iraq.

i know that our government really can't wait for castro to die.
"We believe he's died" is CIA code for "We killed that motherf*cker. HE DEAD B*TCH!!11!"
derka derka allah muhammed jihad
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"We believe he's died" is CIA code for "We killed that motherf*cker. HE DEAD B*TCH!!11!"

no "we think he's dead" is CIA for, we paid some random foreigner $30 million to tell us that he may have overheard somewhere that he is dead, but we don't need real sources since we prefer ones that tell us what we like to hear
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No, but Paul McCartney is.

Meh, he could be dead, but who knows? But how did they find 5 decoys? Are there possibly 5 people who look exactally like me somewhere in the world?



Kim Jong Il shoots a 4 or 5 hole in ones per golf round, and in his spare time improves Korean movie scripts. I think it's safe to say he doesn't die.

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Maybe the real Kim Jong fell... il.

And died.

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derka derka allah muhammed jihad

isnt it "durka durka"? xD
AMERICA!! **** YEAH!!!!

He probably isn't, but I'm hoping he is.
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Kim Jong Il can't die. He just flies away in a little spaceship in his cockroach form once his host body dies.
Even if he does die/is dead, one of his sons is likely to take his position as the illest man in all North Korea.
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