walking home with my guitar in a hardshell case the other day i got caught in the rain but when i got home my guitar was dry which relieved me but now i got some problems. the strings are like rusted a bit and now i have fret buzz. but could it just be from the gross strings on it? if my neck got messed up i'd get it repaired but if changing strings would fix it then that would be my first option. the strings are only maybe a month old too.
Change the strings first and if there's still a problem after that then get it looked at.
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ya change the strings first. I play a lot by myself and with a band and stuff and I was told that I should change my strings once a month so hopely its just that you play a lot and you need new strings
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
i do play a lot and i hope its just the strings. i just had the guitar set up not too long ago so i believe it should be fine. i got buzzes on random frets but only small ones and when i bend sometimes. i can see actual rust on the strings in a few places so i hope thats it. thank you!