i have a small, battery-powered strobe light, and an acrylic-body guitar.

so what i want to do is wire up the strobe so that way whenever i play a note, the light flashes. does anyone know how i could do this?
You would have to probably get a piezo sensor and put it by the bridge. Then when the strings vibrate the light should turn on.
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AgresiveNapkins' idea might work, but I'm not sure how much power a piezo can put out. I know it's not much, though. Probably (I would assume definately) not enough to power a strobe light.

Something like this might have a chance of working with a few LEDs, though, maybe with some kind of amplification circuit between the piezo and LEDs?

Again, I'm not sure how much output the typical piezo has, so I'm not 100%sure if this'll work..
If you could build some kind of small noise gate into the guitar and power it off a 9v battery. On my noise gate the LED changes from green to red but I'm sure you could wire something similar to that system inside your guitar. If that makes sense.