I am going to buy a pod as a mainly means of easy recording. I am curious about one of the advertised features. It says it has wah effects but I dont understand how this would work on this one as there is no footpedal. How is the wah controlled then? I know there is a pedal by pod but im refering to the handheld pod that has no pedal but still claims to have wah effects. Sorry if this is confusing.
maybe its an auto-wah?
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Is there a port to plug an expression pedal in? I have this Zoom digital recorder thing which has a bunch of effects on it and there is a wah that requires you to buy a seperate expression pedal and plug into the unit to control the wah.
hmmm Ill have to do some more reading on their site. I dont really care i have a real wah anyways but this just puzzled me i was like how the **** can this little thing make mah effects. Thanks for the replys.
Well the software for the pocket pod, when programming amp models you can add a cocked wah as well as an effect, its quite good for cutting through though not particularly versatile. Probably not what they're talking bout though...
you need to buy the fbv foot pedal to use the wah.
It also functions as a volume pedal and lets you switch between presets.
there's a footpedal thing that has a wah on it, and has some other switches to change presets on it...at least, I believe there's one that exists.
You can buy their expression pedal separately to control the wah, or get something like a Floor POD that has the pedal built in (I have the Floor POD Plus).
It may be an Auto-wah, where you can control the speed of the wah and it does it automatically...
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its an auto wah, you can control speed, max frequency an min frequency.