there is sooo many buttons on guitar pro, can any body explain what the benefits of the program and what to do with it
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Play around with it for a week. The only thing you need to know is time signatures and note values..
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the benefits of the program are countless... just get on this website, search for a band you like, filter the view to "pro", pick a song, download it, open it in guitar pro... then you can play along with it, slow it down, pick a section and have it play over and over agian.. whatever you need to do to learn the song at your comfertable speed.

after you learn a couple songs you will begin to understand how the program works, and youll be able to write your own music in the program..

guitar pro covers ALL insturments... say somthing is played on the piano.. well.. guitar pro will show you the notes to play it on the guitar.. you dont have to do any thinking at all!
Yeah, if you don't know either of those I wouldn't even fool around with it until you learn. Well time signatures are USUALLY straight forward.
the most basic way to start is seaerching on this tabsite,right click and save target as,probably a good idea to make a folder called guitar pro tabs in program files,then all u do is load guitar pro,in top left hand corner,click open file then got to where u save your tabs and select file to open,after that its pretty easy,main other think u would would use is sound menu for slowing down tracks and looping etc