I recently moved to a new apartment, and during that i must have damaged my amp somehow. It's a Roland Micro Cube purchased round a year and a half ago.

When i plug it in the power indicating light shines, and the electric tuning-fork works as well, but the sound from the guitar doesn't seem to go through to the amp somehow. unfortunately I only have one cord to the guitar, so I can't rule out that that's the problem.

I'm going crazy when I can't play my guitar! I'd be very happy if anyone had any suggestions about what could be wrong with my amp/cord/guitar!!

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well i would definitely suggest either buying a new cord, or borrowing someones to test that. because its very likely that could be the problem. especially if its a cheap cord

edit: and make sure the jack on your guitar is tight, as on the amp as well

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obviously check the cable, but check in the back too to check if any of the wires need re-soldering or if anythings worked loose

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i don't think he will be able to 'check in the back' but I don't own one. It's possible the speaker wire came loose.

what happens if you unplug your guitar and crank the amp up and tap the end of the bare jack with your hand? It has a headphone jack right? What happens thar? Sorry, again I don't own one and didn't bother to go look anything up so bump for ya!

dumb question but are you sure the volume is turned up on everything?

^+1, I've done that before with the volume. I was positive my amp was done.
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i've heard this a couple of times with the microcube.

not sure how the problem was resolved, if at all.

i suggest you plug headphones into the jack, see if you can rule out a speaker problem, like said.

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