I've recently been debating a poplar body vs an alder body. Looking on various websites and searching previous threads on here, I've come to the following conclusion:

Poplar is apparently exactly like alder, except uglier and heavier, dents easier, sustains less, but with the small upside of it being vaguely cheaper when bought en masse.

So why bother? Ultimately in the building of a good guitar, the few £'s saved on poplar doesn't seem like it'd be much of a deal breaker, especially when alder can apparently sustain notes for longer and looks nicer.

My dilemma really is that it is much easier to get hold of lots of poplar than it is to get hold of lots of alder, and being new to all this (and thus probably needing more spare wood in case I balls it up), it makes sense for me to go with whichever wood I can get more of, easier. On the other hand, I also see it as a bit of a waste of money if I buy a ton of poplar if alder really is that much better.

So people - can any experienced people give me some definite answers to why anyone would take poplar over alder, aside from the cost. Are they really the same tonally? Does alder really sustain for longer? Does poplar really weigh so much more? Is it really that much more fragile and susceptible to damage? Is poplar really that much harder to get looking nice?
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Because, nothing is the same tonally. Even two different pieces of the same species of wood.

Poplar has fallen in popularity over the years, one very high class guitar still uses it however:
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Poplar's not a bad wood. Maybe a Poplar Core with an alder veneer?
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Sustain ultimately relies on not just the wood but the entire guitar, hardware, neck joint, and mostly pickups and amp settings.

Poplar and Alder are different woods, dont get poplar because its a substitute for alder, but if its cheaper and easier to get you might as well try it...

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