So, I'm seeking for a good quality Les Paul model guitar, at the level of a gibson les paul classic or better, for the lowest price possible. I don't care about the brand, only about the guitar itself. Got suggestions for me?

Thank you very much!

If you're in the USA I recommend some kind of Agile from www.rondomusic.com
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Umm...Agile AL-3000 with Gibson 496R and 500T pick-ups.

Almost exact same specs. The only real difference is that they're built in a Korean factory.
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what country are you in? that'll affect prices and availability more than anything else.
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epiphone elite series

tokai loverock (japanese>korean>taiwanese)

look at ESP eclipses if you dont want the exact shape
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Vintage V100, I've heard lots of people talking about them so I went to my local music store to try one out, well I tried 3 of 'em.

And I just couldn't stop playing, it was so nice! It actually felt better than my Gibson SG in every way but one, fretaccess (duh?). So I'm getting one in a couple of weeks.

Try one out and you'll be in love in the blink of an eye.
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