I've got all the necessary components I need to run the computer, and I'm trying to partition and format the hard drive.

I have my boot disk all nice and ready, I go to type fdisk in the command prompt, and I get this message: No fixed disks present

I don't get it! I've tried several different HDDs already, one of which I know works, and I've searched about 10 different computer support sites for help; none of their walkthroughs say anything about this.

Does anyone know what to do?

(btw, it's basically going to be a jukebox in my garage, so I'm only using Windows 95 with a 98 upgrade instead of a more expensive/unnecessary OS)
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If you want a functional jukebox, but still might want to use the comp for something down the road, I suggest downloading Ubuntu 8.04. It's a free OS, and once you create the live CD, just build yer computer, insert disc into drive, go into BIOS, boot from cd, and yer set. Give it a try, you'll like it.
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