Anyone ever heard of this, or think it will work?


I have to find my own project for electronics this year, then breadboard it, then make a PCB, and build it.

I'll be making the box out of aluminum, so I think I'll be able to stomp it pretty good.

Anyway, can you electronics experts take a look at that link and tell me if it will be easy for a 15 year old to build?
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The whole idea of a breadboard is to quickly wip together simple circuits like this.

Noting the parts list...you don't need 1/2W resisotrs..1/4W are fine...also any film caps will do not just Mylar.

If you like the circuit you could add true bypass which it dosent have now.

Also I don't think it will be noisy like it is made out to be. A metal enclosure will keep noise down and RF.
just go build it, i wish i got to do stuff like this in my electronics class, we get to build remote control cars again.
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