Hey i'm building a guitar and want to put a pretty complex inlay pattern on the fretboard. I am a decent carver but not all that good at cutting out the pieces. I was wondering if it was possible to carve out the fretboard and then melt solder in to the places I carved out. Obviously I would polish it up and everything I just want to know if its possible?
solder isn't that strong...

theres another method you can do with glue + powdered shell that works. Look for Ormsby's metal custom baritone guitar, the red one. It's here somewhere.
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^Yes it will. It'll just ball up (like mercury). Theoretically, you can do that. Just need to fill the hole and sand it flush after it cools (and try not to scorch the wood that'll be visible). It'll fall out if you don't glue it in, but yeah, you can probably do it.

I'd do the powdered shell thing though. Solder usually contains lead and other stuff...