Hi, the g string on my guitar makes an annoying rattling sound anytime I play it openly. If I hold down any fret on that string, it doesn't make the rattling sound. It is extremely annoying and started doing it a few months ago. I have an Acoustic Ibanez guitar. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
its possible that one of the frets are slightly touching the strings when its open. that would require you filing down the fret thats too high.
Im interested in this answer as well, I also have an acoustic Ibanez, its a V series so its not high end guitar, Have you tryed different strings ? Ive used D'Addario and Firewire and still have the same problem.
the nut may need filling in where the g strings at
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It happened with my old strings too. I think that I am using Diadario light gauge strings. I am pretty sure that it isn't hitting the fretboard. It really is just a hum that happens for the first split second that I hit the string, then it goes away. It is just loud enough that it is annoying. I would try tightening the nut, but I don't have and wrenches where I'm at right now. I'll have to try it some other time. Thanks for the replies though guys
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Something new I just discovered, it doesn't seem to do it for the first minute or so I play the guitar after I haven't for a while. Then it just gets louder and louder. This is really confusing me.
Sounds like the nut slot for that string is a bit low. When you hold the string down at a fret it neutralizes the nut slot depth [like a capo] but when you play it open the nut slot depth if too low will buzz.
In a pinch and to save money on a new nut, you can build up the nut slot depth with some epoxy glue mixed with [plenty of] bone nut filings. Just sand a bit of dry beef bone and keep the dust filings. It will do the job as I've done it myself and it worked fine for the exact same problem you seem to be having.
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There's another issue that could be causing the problem. The tuner knobs themselves could be loose. If even one is loose, it could rattle at a specific frequency and cause a buzzing sound that mimicks fret buzz. It's very annoying and highly misleading. But it's also very easy to diagnose. Get the guitar to make the buzz, and while it is doing it, touch each of the tuner knobs and see if it goes away. You'll know right away when you find it. Make sure you can repeat it so you zero in on the right part that's loose. Then just snug it up. If your tuning knobs have a small phillips head screw in them to hold them onto the tuner shaft, that's the screw you want to snug up. Warning! This is also an adjustment point for tuning machines. If you overdo it when tightening it up, you'll cause the gears inside to bind and you will have problems tuning that string up, especially fine tuning.
Something else to check are the nuts holding the beauty rings on the face of the headstock. The tuner post comes up through the headstock, then is secured in place by the ring and nut. If that nut comes loose it'll rattle.
Basically, check over everything that's bolted and screwed together first to make sure everything is nice and snug. You don't need a torque wrench with 200 ft. lbs. of pressure on it, just use your head and snug things down where they need it. This will eliminate a lot of unwanted buzzing and save you a setup bill if it's only something simple.
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its possible that one of the frets are slightly touching the strings when its open. that would require you filing down the fret thats too high.

If a fret were that high to be touching a string being played in the open, unfretted position, you would be able to see it clearly by simply sighting down the neck. It'd have to be about ready to fall out of the fretboard. Remember, we're talking about OPEN position here, which means unfretted.
Unless of course the neck has no relief and instead is in a back bow state. But then all of the strings would be effected, not only the G.
I took my guitar to a shop and found out one of the nuts on one of the rods had come loose and was spinning and thats what was causing the buzz for me, they tightened that up and put new strings on and i have not had a problem since, hope this helps
I get that annoying buzzing sound of almost all my strings if I play vigorously on them for a few minutes. It really pisses me off, sometimes it buzzes on the open strings, sometimes on certain frets. It's NOT the action, the strings aren't touching the fretboard at all, I adjusted my truss rod perfectly and still it's there. It's not the tuners for me either, I've had this problem forever.

I've given up on it because you don't hear the buzz when it's plugged in.
Same thing happened to me, a string was hitting a fret so i placed a piece of paper to raise the string higher and now it wont make that annoying sound anymore