any ideas on good fun songs that i can play with my band?
songs with fun guitar, bass, and drums would be ideal, im open to any and all suggestions
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Rhode Island
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Uh, well, my friends band constantly cover The Counting Crow's "Hard To Handle" and Bob Dylan's "I Want You".

I'm not in a band
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Try something simple and easy like Modern Age Slavery- Beneath the Massacre.
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Beer - Reel Big Fish
Fire on the Mountain - Grateful Dead
Come On Eileen - Dexey's midnight runners (a la Save Ferris)
Santeria, What I Got, Badfish - Sublime

We cover a ton of things

how does a trio play Come On Eileen , we need like 6 people to play like the banjo and whatever else...?
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Rhode Island
It is neither a Road, nor an Island. Discuss
yyz from rush is fun for every1 if there is no singer
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My band play Cute Without The E by Taking Back Sunday at a lot of shows we play. It's great fun to play if you have 2 singers/a back up singer. Requires 2 guitarists too. It's got loads of energy and always gets the crowd interested if you play it well.


Check us out, we'd really appreciate any feedback or support.

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iris- goo goo dolls
helter skelter- beatles
come on eileen- the save ferris verision
and santeria by sublime
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face the music-RTZ
Peace of mind-Boston
Come on back to be-third day
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I don't have a band yet, but when I form one, I plan on us doing a cover of this;


Yes, we'd do a cover of a cover, but it's awesome
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toxic by britney spears! (jk although i saw one band on youtube do a cool version of it)
dani california
or pretty much any rhcp song
ac/dc is also fun to cover
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takin care of business -bto. its super high energy and everybody knows it, and it'll get people up. great song
The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
Helter Skelter - The Beatles

EDIT: Totally forgot.... Hard to Handle - Black Crowes

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My band's working on Gamma Ray by Beck.
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