I have an ibanez rg1570 and after having it for a year or so im now thinking of upgrading the pickups. Im only going to change the humbuckers at the moment and will do the single coil later on down the track. I play mostly classic rock, grunge and metal types of music, especially with this guitar as i have a strat to play some nicer clean stuff on. Im looking at some new pickups and not really too sure what im looking for so thought id ask some advice. Currently i could get a set of dimarzio evolutions that someone i know is selling, or a dimarzio super distortion and a super 2. Or alternatevely i could go for a set of emg's but this is more expensive and im not sure if i want to go down the active path. Basically im looking for some fairly good metal pickups, that can clean up alright too when needed. I really dont know too much about pickups so any help is greatly appreciated.
Super Distortion can give you those tones. it has good cleans as well, especially when coil split. i'd go for PAF Pro neck and Super Distortion birdge. or simply a pair of Breeds.
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I just got a DiMarzio Super 2 put in at the neck on my Washburn. Its freaking hot. The SD SH-5 Custom at the bridge has nothing on it. Nice full crunchy tone