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The tab (guitar pro) i have for this song shows the first chord as a D5, but on the real song it's got some extra fingers on the fretboard, and i'm trying to work out where they go (would you believe, i've played guitar for 8 and a half years now.... )

I know the D5 has got the extra A sharp in there, but what else is going on?


plus during the bridge (i think) there's some weird little chords going on in there. Any idea about those as well?

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You mean the barre chord shapes? Index finger on 10, middle finger on 11, and ring+pinky fingers on 12s?

As for the 9,11,11,11, just put the index on 9, and the rest is easy to figure out. I'm not sure if that's what you're asking or not..
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You're basically playing major barre chords, just without the two highest voicings.

For those you can just finger a normal power chord and add your middle finger.
As for the other chords, just remember: four fingers, four frets. You will have to break that rule, but it is definitely a good rule of thumb to remember.
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