What are you recording through? Whatever it is probably destroys your tone a ton. (along with my computer speakers)
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Just a computer mic next to my amp

Yeah, your tone is going to be so thinned out by the time it reaches my speakers that it really doesn't matter how good it sounded coming out of the amp.
can;t tell your tone from that recording, sorry.

but the part i saw wasnt that bad.

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i call mg.
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i call mg.

Probably, it sounded generic and boring. Could be the recording, but playing a bunch of random notes doesn't say much even if you got an amazing amp.
90% of videos it's really impossible to tell.
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It shouldn't matter what other people think of your tone. If your happy with it, who cares if everyone else hates it?
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Never mind your tone I think you need to relax your picking hand/arm when you're playing chords. Your vibrato could also use some work.

The tone itself, as has already been said, is more or less indecipherable; try recording something with a decent mic.
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