first off sorry if this should go some were else

alright so i just joined a new band yesterday and and we have a gig (my friends jewish 13 birthday thingy barmitsfa brain fart) set for like october 26 or somin like that so we have less then two months to prepare and keep in mind i JUST joined so i'll have to learn their original songs and the songs they normally play and we are still in the processes of getting a bassist (we know who we are gonna get but we haven;t ask him yet BTW he's the lead guitarist friend so he'll more than likely join) so im wondering if u guys think there is a remote chance this will work. Also i know that the amps will have to be on like stands but the lead guitarist his amp is like some marshall MG (im assuming its an MG since he said its a practice amp) so.....yeah how will that work. the church will more than likely have a pa but how do u work em, also how would we mic the drums? also any do's and dont kinda things will help along with any suggestions.

PS this will be the first gig for all of us
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dont try to do too much, with your setlist.

most pratice amps will project fine enough.
a vocalist will need to be mic'd.

you wont need to mic the drums.

you guys are new, you don't need too loud. just play songs that you know well, and know when to walk off the "stage"

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Don't mic the drums, they'll be loud enough. And just in general, don't worry about it. You guys apparently don't have top of the line rigs, but it's just a jew-party (I forgot how to spell it)....it's not a huge deal. Just choose a few easy songs and have some fun with it.
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