I'm looking to buy a guitar, and I'd like to buy a sweet looking extreme bodied one, something like a B.C. Rich, but most of them lack a whammy bar, which I need. So I have come here to ask the people of UGC if they know of any guitars that meet the following standards:

1.Has a sweet looking body.
2.Has 24 (or more ) frets.
3.Has a whammy bar.
4.costs somewhere between $200-$350(Maybe up to $400 if it's really good)

The body doesn't have to be super-extreme, even a v could count.
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between that price range, you have to go with a...

There is nothing between that price range that you listed that you could get all of that.
maybe raiseyour budget about 400$ and you could get an rr3.
I highly doubt there's NOTHING. Like, possibly from some no-name off-brand.
Besides, I can't just "raiseyour budget about 400$". I'm not rolling in cash.
Yeah, man. A Gumball, a nickel, 2 apples, 25 paper clips, and some bellbutton lint wont get you anything decent in that price range. Save Up, then come back and ask again.
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I dunno i could say a Ibanez g10 it looks pretty cool(not the bst) has a wammythat can bend the pitch high and low , 25 frets n its good with distiorion like all ibanez can price from 200-250 like metal said u cant really get much for ur price range
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Check out the Ibanez RG350's.....horrible tremelo, but it'll work for awhile, and it's around that price I beleive.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


Whats with people being so cheap when purchasing guitars, is it that hard to save up $300 more for a $700 guitar.
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Sorry not everyone is made of money like you. what a douche.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


Now I'm not going to call you all straight out wrong, all I will say is:
At $400 you will have to look around and be constantly vigilant. I just payed less than $500AUD for a Xiphos because it was very minorly chipped in transit to the shop I bought it from.
Buy a sweet body, then go into your mad scientist lab and use large machines to fit it with a tremolo.
^Actualy not a bad idea...it would just take a bit of routing. You should just go down to a pawn shop and pick out a nice body shape you like and fit it with a trem. You can get a nice FR on ebay for pretty cheap. Then just mod the guitar out, I did it with a cheap strat copy one time, gave it a custom paint job and fitted it with a Fender neck. Sold it for 250
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


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Sorry not everyone is made of money like you. what a douche.

Made of money? You already saved $400 how is $300 more being made of money. I guess I just like to spend more money on my investments.

I am 18, I am not made of money, I just have a part time job.
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I thought about buying a guitar and buy a F.R. trem and putting it on it, but it wouldn't have a locking neck, so it'd get out of tune all the time(At least, that's in my experience.)
Copilot911: I understand your logic. But I don't make a lot of money, and I'm saving up for collage also. Besides, Right now I have a squire strat as my guitar; almost ANYTHING would seem like an upgrade.
I'm not rich either. The only reason I have that incredible amp is because it was my uncles's. xD

But I also believe that beggars can't be choosers. If you're looking for an extreme body shape AND a good tremolo, you're gonna have to save up.
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You might wanna consider a Jackson KE3.
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It's better to wait, save up another $300, and buy a decent guitar than to buy a crappy one now, and just end up down ~$350.
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Well there are some 24 fret BC Rich V's with OFR's. Idk about quality tho, but they run around $700-750.

A Dean MLK runs about the same as the BC's I believe (maybe a bit less)

As mentioned the RR3.

And some Schecters with an OFR, they run about $850. But dude, you don't really need a radical shape. It looks cool, but people will be much more impressed by your playing than your guitar (unless it's something totally revolutionary... *coughwangcastercough*) and even then if you can't play it people aren't gonna come back. And $400 gets you about udder crap with guitars, you don't get something great for nothing at all.