Kay, so i bought a dean dime razorback v STD with a licesed floyd rose and its horrible, rusted on the the blade edge and im not sure if a schaller or orriginal floyd would fit in the cavity

p.s. its a licensed floyd like all the ones on the dime's
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Did you recently buy it? If so why not just return it.

I'm not sure what your question is though.
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He's asking if a schaller of an OFR will fit in the cavity.
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Im pretty sure its this way with all the razorback v's atm.. same thing happend with mine.

Is yours black?

And yeah man, a schaller, original floyd, or a gotoh will all fit the trem cavity but it'll be a hair on the treble side and your gonna need to replace the mounting studs with the ones that come with the new floyd