Hey, I have an agile AL-2800 les paul style guitar for sale or trade. It is in great shape, the nut has been replaced with a trem nut and may need a little work or a set up. I bought it for $310 a couple years ago and will take $$ offers (paypal), or trade for a non modded 360 pro bundle. Let me know what you have, I have lots of feedback on ebay and some trading sites, feel free to ask for linkage.

Wow, what a beauty. Been eyeing agiles, but alas, as a Canadian, it's far too expensive with shipping/customs/UPS even when I do have the money.
^^^ Not really

I am from Canada and Rondo ships fedex when its international

I payed 530 total for my Al-3000 with shipping and a Hard case. But just buy this guys, he can send it cheap I am sure. lol
From what I have read, seems to be a crap shoot, some people have had some very expensive bills tacked on. I'm surprised no one has snapped this up already, but I guess people are really feeling the pinch this time of year. If I had the money, it would be gone, but 10 year old kids come first. Boy, are kids ever expensive.

Hope it goes to a worthy home.
How does this compare to a real Gibson?

I live in USA and got a 360 to trade used half a year old works great still got box and all things that came with it.
It looks nicer then a Epiphone same style my Girlfriends sister owns
Yeah it is definitely as good as a $600 epiphone or better, it is great for the $$$. It has great reviews on harmony central but the site isnt working for some reason...

Is your 360 a premium? with hard drive and such
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Sorry about backing out I just didnt know where you went..

so bump.
everyone thing guy is for real, I back him and his sexy guitar get it now before its gone.
Hey your exactly the kind of guy I've been looking for.

I have a 360 I've been trying to trade for a guitar.

I bought it as an arcade, but I have pretty much all the accessories as a pro. It has the newest chipset (jasper).