as the title says. i would reallt like to explore some funk music, classic and modern. any suggestions?
george clinton and the parliament funkadelic. listen to Dr. funkenstein.


and bootsy collins.
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Parliament, Funakadelic, War, The Meters, Sly & the Family Stone
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Just about anthing George Clinton related.
And of course, the Family Stone
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Not RHCP. Look up The Funky Meters. Also jazz-funk is good, check out Medeski, Martin (Scofield) and Wood, Stanton Moore, Galactic, Robert Walter and Charlie Hunter for some good stuff.

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Herbie Hancock's album Headhunters (the cover is srvflood's avatar), select Stevie Wonder tracks like Superstition, Higher Ground (and it's not an RHCP cover, Stevie did it first), I Wish, although he was much more versatile then that, so if you buy a whole album, there will only be a couple funk tracks, but you should pick up a Stevie album anyway because he's so damn amazing. Try Talking Book or Innervisions.

Curtis Mayfield also has some funk in him. Get the Curtis/Live! album, it's full of awesome.
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and no unless youre listening directly to Flea's bass lines most RHCP isnt a good pick for straight funk. George Clinton ofcourse. Funk Brothers, Boosty Collins, Sly, alot of Black Eyed Peas is heavy in funk. Stevie Wonder, Boogie On Reggae Woman is greatly underappreciated. and look up Victor Wooten aka the greatest bassist EVER, and I stand by that. If you want to be blown away, check out 'Wootens Battle' on youtube. theres more but those are probly the easiet to get into.

and no sh*t Higher Ground isnt an RHCP cover. Anthony mentions Stevie by name at the end of the track.
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Thats makes sad. Almost as sad as when people credit Behind Blue Eyes to Limp Bizkit.

And I need to rephrase my statement about RHCP. You really just need to know what youre looking for. They did a cover of Dr Funkenstein thats admirable, its what got me to try listening to classic funk really. Some newer songs like Charlie and Warlocks definitly have some afro influence. Older tracks like My Lovely Man.
And kind of a tangent but The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, is not only probably their most straight-foward rockin records, it also has some of their most funk heavy tracks. Its straight p-funk. No Chump Love Sucker and The Love Trilogy are prime, as is the bridge in Fight Like A Brave. (One of my favorite albumns of all time)
along with what people have already mentioned, check out lettuce, aquarium rescue unit, Will Bernard and Motherbug, Scott Henderson and Tribal tech has a lot of funk elements but theyre really fusiony too. Keller Williams has some really funky tunes too. Even though someone has mentioned them, I can't emphasize the importance of the meters enough.
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what's some good funk that has a lot of guitar in it? i'm getting into that kind of wah funky guitar, with guitar solos.
Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time
For y'all have knocked her up.
I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe
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wahwah used alot more in everything not funk than funk with all the music out now.
Hendrix's Highway Chile along with others. Tom Morello uses wah alot, I mean alot. Killing In the Name's solo comes to mind. Mike McCreedy from Pearl Jam is really good with wah. Evenflow from the Live on Two Legs release is absolutly mind blowing.

But yeah, you can never go wrong with Hendrix.
the meters
tower of power
sly and the family stone
herbie handcocks head hunters is a good jazz funk album
and a SRVFlood said medeski martin and wood is awsome jazz funk you should defentily check them out
cool, thanks for the recommendations. i have a couple funkadelic albums, i've been listening to them a lot again, great stuff.
^^youre fcukin sh*tin me! can you hook me up dude. Ive been tryin to play funk guitar for a while now I just cant get the muting right. ppllllleeeeaaasssee.
well my friend is in Berklee College of Music right now in Boston, and I'm in St. Louis, so I've never met Tomo.
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