so like.

The only guitar that I actually own-own is a Jackson RR1..

but I totally don't like the feel of it.

the way the strap is on it, it feels to hang real easily.
the fretboard itself just feels too weird and I can't do things like pinch harmonics on it worth crap..

now, this Epiphone Les Paul that my father owns.. I can play like amazing on it, I love the feel of it, specifically the fretboard again.

I've played on Gibson Les Pauls and I didn't like those though.

those and the jackson don't seem to have enough kick.. like when you play on them it doesn't seem strong.. seems weak.. even if the sound comes out no different.
the epiphone feels powerful when I hold the strings down and strum..

but I'd like a guitar as good as that Jackson but one that I can play easily and well..

so what should I do?

I really like the floyd rose on the Jackson though.

People say that a floyd rose totally ruins a Les Paul's sustain, but I have so much sustain on my tone as it is I wouldn't be afraid to lose just a bit..
so how much would it cost to maybe get the body routed out and have a floyd rose tremolo systemed installed on it?
or how much work would it be?
would it go out of tune like crazy?
and is there a way to get tuner locks on it too?
that way it wouldn't?
idk if they still have it but there was an epi les paul with a licensed floyd on it
The only thing I can suggest about those agiles is to ask Kurt over at rondo music to swap a licensed floyd rose in there for an original floyd rose.
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Find a shape you like, customize it, pick your woods, good price.

I'll help you out more.

The SC 90 is like a Les paul in shape, you can pick the color, wood, what type of frets you want, the radius, if you have any questions about what something means don't be afraid to PM me I'll help explain it to you. Carvin has awesome quality for the price, and easily passes high end brands. You build it how you want it and it ships directly to you, no guitar center uping the prices.
+1 to Carvin. Unless you're insistent upon a real Les Paul, and not just the general "dual humbucker, solid body, single cutaway, etc." thing.

If it were me, I'd just put a Floyd on a decent Paul, or buy a Burny one - some of those have Fernandes Sustainers and Floyds on them stock. You might also look at Stetsbar floating tremolos.
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Actually, Carvin has some of these

CS3, CS4, CS5.

CS3 being the lowest price. They look like Les pauls but a little more sleek. Once you select a body


on the bottom right you'll see "build and order your guitar now".

You can see your options that you can pick out for your guitar. Once you're done it'll tell you the price.

Good luck
with the amount it would take to install a Floyd rose on a les paul, i would just go buy a dean razorback with a floyd rose.

also, you could get a stetsbar. i think theyre cheaper and were designed for les pauls.
^ Deans are very hit and miss... I'd personally take the Les Paul over the Razorback anyday, if they were the same price.

ETA: There was a Epiphone Goth Les Paul a few years back with a Floyd system on it, I remember playing one and it was pretty good, if you chucked some decent pickups in it then it would've been awesome. If you can find a second hand one (I don't think you can just buy them anymore), you should give it a look.
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get a khaler (sp?) its a trem that'll bolt onto the TOM bolts. No mods, no routes, completely reversible.
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Don't forget the Stetsbar too. It's a tremolo bridge that can be fitted onto most hardtail guitars with no routing work needed. There are versions for flattop stopbar guitars (e.g. SGs), carved top stopbar guitars (e.g. almost every Les Paul ever made) and Telecaster-style guitars.

You just take the existing Tune-o-matic and stopbar off, screw the Stetsbar in, and away you go. It's range is about halfway between a Fender tremolo bridge and a Floyd Rose; with .09 strings on a Les Paul (24.75" scale) guitar it can dip down about an octave and two thirds, and it can be raised up about half an octave. Holds tune perfectly, doesn't effect your sustain, doesn't do any permanent damage to the guitar, though you may find on some guitars the tone becomes a little more 'sharp' (little more clarity and a little less bass, typically. If it does happen, it's only a small change anyway).

Really the only downside to the Stetsbar is their cost. It's worth it though for such a great unit. They've just made the Stetsbar Pro II, which is the same thing but better engineered so it can handle drop-tunings and thicker strings much better without requiring a heavy set-up.

A good Japanese LP copy + Stetsbar would probably be exactly what you want.

Also, re the neck; the reason you probably played faster on your Dad's Epiphone is because of the Epi neck. It's pretty unique, and personally I find it's the most comfortable and fastest-playing neck I've ever come across. EVen the so-called 'fast' necks like those on Ibanez and ESP guitars, I find are less comfortable and harder to play well on than the Epi neck.

I suggest you more different guitars out befroe you buy anything, so you can be certain what sort of neck you want. Pretty much the most important aspect of any guitar is how playable the neck is; if you can't play the neck well then there's no point buying it, even if the rest of the guitar is fantastic.

But, if you do find the Epi neck so playable (as you hint in your first post), then I suggest looking at Epiphone Elitist Les Pauls. They use the same neck and fret sizes as other Epiphones, but they're overall made to the same quality standard as a Gibson Les Paul Standard - the only differences being the Epi Elitist has a thicker, more durable finish (some people also say it gives a darker, heavier tone, but it's only a small difference), and the Epi Elitist guitars are completely solid construction (Gibson LP Standards are 'weight relieved'; they have large holes cut out of the inside of the body to reduce the weight, it means they are slightly hollow). The Elitists use the same higher grade wood the Gibsons use, they use American electronics (pots and switches are the same as those found in Gibson guitars; pickups are from a different series but made to the same standard as other Gibson pickups). Elitists also have another bonus; they cost half what a Gibson LP Standard does, for the same quality. The argument is with Gibson, you pay extra for the Gibson necks and the headstock - but really if you do find the Epi neck is more comfortable anyway, then you're best off with the Elitist.

Also of note is that while other Japanese LP copies like Tokai can be very good, the Epi neck profile is patented, and only Epiphone guitars have it. So if you do decide it's what you find most comfortable, other Japanese copies aren't going to be able to give you the same neck, it'll have to be a real Epiphone. For what it's worth though, the higher Japanese Tokai LPs cost about the same a the Epi Elitists, and are almost exactly the same quality (just a slightly thicker neck and different pickups really).

And I'd stay away from Agile. They're okay compared to standard Epi's and lower end ESP LP guitars (Agile are about the same quality but cheaper), but even the best Agiles can't compete with a top ESP, Epi Elitist or Tokai.
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wouldnt that look ugly? i have an idea, why dont you buy yourself an sg with a floyd or maybe a schecter with a floyd and buy yourself a les paul? i mena, you cant use a floyd in every single thing you play right?
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otherwise, Carvin CS or one of those agiles