so there is this girl that im very close with but she is having some MAJOR ISSUES and we have been fighting, im pretty sure its over but anyways im going to go hang out with some other girls in a different town and now im just trying to figure out if i should be an ass and tell her or not
don't be an ass
cauz' someone can penetrate you if you are
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tell her if u wanna get kicked in the balls, but feel good for getting it off your chest. OR dont tell her, save ur balls, but feel like shit on the inside. the question is, is this girl worth getting kicked in the balls just to end it? in some cases yes, and others no.
play her "i cum blood"
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Take a picture and send it to her. I mean if she is gonna jump your shit about everything might as well reap what she sews.
Go to the relationship thread, they'll give you more appropriate answers.

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dont tell her b/c if you happen to patch things up with the "MAJOR ISSUES girl" you want to be able to slide right back in if you know what i mean
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I'd say "Relationship Thread", but I don't think you should repeat that uncomprehensible mouth-waste to anyone.
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totally agree
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