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Vampyre, It is Your Masquerade

To my dearest friend of the evening,
I dub thee vampire, and I shall not be scared.
There will be no further struggle between us on this night,
Because I no longer believe in you.

It is a fact, that your greatest ally
Is the ease with which people simply refuse to believe
Your very existence. You simply are not real.

Your elegant, ivory fangs.
My rocky, rugged crust.

We share this crude blood..doolb edurc siht erahs eW

I create this decadent, rich black lifeline through millenia of death.
You ingest and burn through it at the speed of corruption.

So smooth is your combustion, that I haven't noticed
This aching emptiness beneath my stalwart skin.
Oh, how sorrowful it is to cave in on myself as such.

Maybe through some elaborate, alternative dentistry
Can your ever growing canine teeth can be dulled.
And my wounds of you will heal,
And we can all pretend, that this was never real.

What is freedom?
Freedom is everything I've ever wanted.
Freedom is the only thing I've ever needed.
I've came to find, freedom doesn't come at life's begin.
As a matter of fact, freedom comes to us a life's end.
I've searched and searched for too long.
Why? Why have I searched for so long?
The question isn't how long
The question is, can I wait?
How much more of this screwed up life can I take?
This life of Agony, Mistrust and Hate.
This life of Hurt, and Forever Heartache.
This life keeps eating at me
Like maggots on a dead bodies corpse.
I've come to a conclusion I made up my mind.
This is the reason for the life of Chaos and Corruption
And after all this time
My conclusion leads me to another question,
What is Life?
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