hey all,

Thought I would share with you my podcast series. It's essentially me and 2 mates talking about stuff for half an hour, but in a generally amusing way! Topics are as wide reaching as you can imagine and change regularly, this weeks include : theories about old people, midgets, sex advice books and other diverse things...
Hopefully you should find it at least mildly interesting and funny!

The easiest way to get to us is through the itunes store:


Please feel free to subscribe to the cast and leave any feedback too!

If you dont have itunes then a direct link to the feed can be found here:


Also we have a facebook group that you are more than welcome to join: its probably the best way to keep up to date with the latest happenings, when the latest episodes are released and also the fastest way to get in touch with us:


I really hope you give us a listen and some feedback as we are all genuinely interested in whether this is something that could become popular in a decent way and also what you think of what we have done so far.

Thanks a lot!
Talking metal podcast on itunes is better, those guys rock
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Money doesn't fuel good music. Passion does.

sounds like two incoherent baboons babbling about nothing. not exactly my cup of biscuits
ur trying to hard to be weird and crazy mental, it sounds forced,

try getting drunk before hand next time
pink floyd are better than you