So, right now, i need an opinion,

Right now, i have a boss ds-1 distortion pedal

i kinda wanna upgrade, or maybe get another pedal to further play with my sound

running through an epiphone les paul standard and an ibanez TB25R amp btw

and so, if i get an overdrive pedal, and add it to my chain, would that be better then getting the boss OS-2 overdrive/distortion?

or any other pedals you'd throw out there, i dont mind advice
inb4 new amp suggestion.

As always, people will suggest saving up for a (usually tube) amp. Getting another overdrive or distortion pedal will only mud up the sound even more. If you really want to "mess" with the sound, try phasers, compressors, delay, chorus, or wah. Heck, get a loop pedal.

But consider a new amp.
the Boss DS-1 is a quality pedal, don't really know where to go from there

if you are looking for heavy distortion try the Digitech Metal master (i got both pedals)

the DS-1 is clean and crisp while the metal master has a wider range of sound (from thrash-death) but it also has more feedback which doesn't really matter as long as you keep playing... also the feedback isn't bad if you are on an isolated circuit, it really only gets bad when there is a ground loop
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like the others have said, upgrade the amp first. you may even find a better amp that has a bestter distortion or even the sound your looking for. as the saying goes your only as strong as your weakest link.

Try some other pedals with it. i have the Ds1 and love it. but sometimes it just lacks in sound that im looking for. useing a overdrive befor it will up the gain a bit. and like someone had said it can muddy up the sound. but how you use them together has a lot to do with that. i guess you could go to a guitar store and try them together and see if it works for what you want.
yea, its mostly just a practice amp while i work up the money for something bigger,

i've always wondered though, what exactly does a flanger pedal do?