That is the first server that was used to handle google searches. I think it looks cool.

I find it hard to believe that google started with that thing and is now one of the bigges companies in the world.

Thoughts? Opinions?

The casing is lego.
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I refuse to admit that something that cool was built by THE (second) face douche-bag (Sergey)

(The first being Lars Ulrich)
Dude that is'nt it. In Mardern marvels in a 90's tech episode they showed one of the original servers and thats to small to be one of them.
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Big bullshit, servers are large even if it is only one pc. and secondly servers run hot, they keep them in a special room with AC so when the server kept geting huge loads legos would melt.
I love how people who have NO CLUE what the ****tits they are talking about try to say crap. The only thing that separates a server from a normal PC is the functions defined by the user and most usually the operating system and amount and types of HDDs. Its main task is also to provide SERVICES thus a SERVER. You can mount the hardware in a f*cking box for all it matters. It wouldn't be the smartest thing to do but as long as its properly cooled then it doesn't make much difference. As much as I hate Google the lucky f*cks are crazy rich now over a good idea so power to them!

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