Hi, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to recording. I need to satisfy both my ear and the math part of my brain. I record everything myself so I have to satisfy both my ear (which is getting better constantly so I have to re-record things I thought were perfect bcuz now I hear imperfections) and the math part of my brain.

My question is: Referring to 01|4|960 (bars|beats|1/960 of a beat), how many of these 1/960 beats is considered off time? Usually I try to get every note at most 15/960 beats away from where the note is mathematically supposed to be. Can I allow myself to go further than this while keeping the same quality of the music? (quality in terms of timing to the human ear)

Different styles have different lags tolerances. Youre killing what makes your sense of time unique. Music is whole lot about feel.
Do you real want you're recording to sound like a soundfont guitarpro track? Absolute perfection kinda kills the feel and emotion of a track.
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