A guy in my area is selling a used Fender Princeton 112 65 watt amp for a mere $75, and I was interested. Has anybody here had any experience with this line of amp?
i have not but that sounds like a good deal. That is a hybrid right? based on Cyber series no? Just asking.

do you need an amp?
what is your budget?
home or gig (drummer)?
where do you live roughly?
is used gear a good deal?....yes

go play it and and check craigslist and report back
I'm not in dire need of an amp, but a new one would be nice. And I'm not really on a budget, it's more of a "Okay, I found this and it's cheap, I'll take a look at it" kind of thing. If anything, it'd be used for small gigs and such (minor little performances in my dorm's common area or something). It's not far away, either, at most probably 10 minutes away from my dorm on campus.

I'd say the main reason I'm after it is for more tonal control. I've got a 15W Vox Pathfinder for a practice amp, but it's one channel with no mid control. This amp, for less than I paid for the Pathfinder, has the mid control and two channels.