My original thread had a link to eBay so I'm doing this one since I'm hoping the other will be removed.

Up for grabs is a like new Peavey Tracer Left Handed Electric Guitar in metallic blue with black hardware.
I bought this in the early 90's new from Paragon Music in Tampa and have only used it a handful of hours in my smoke free home.

The guitar was signed by the legendary SLAYER at an in-store signing in Tampa, FL prior to the release of Divine Intervention.

Prior to that signing I had it signed by Zakk Wylde outside the tour bus. I had backstage passes and got to meet Ozzy during the No More Tours Tour. During the opening act I noticed Zakk walking around the crowd and my girlfriend asked him if he would sign my guitar. He actually came and sat with us for a couple minutes and I explained that I couldn't bring it into the area so he told me to meet him at the bus after the show and he would sign it. AND HE DID!!

As for the guitar, it is in near perfect condition with maybe one surface scratch. I didn't see any but I would assume there's going to be one I might have missed. It has a Kahler lo-pro tremolo system, stock pick-ups SSH with a 5 way switch. Volume, tone knobs and a phase switch. This guitar plays REALLY nice and fast with a thin all access 24 fret neck. The fret board is made of rosewood. Black metal strap locks.

Part of Zakk and Kerry King's signatures are starting to come off from playing (see photos) It seems the oils from my skin do not agree with the silver paint pen and is allowing it to rub off.

Where it was signed by Tom Araya, he drew the Slayer logo with an upside down cross. It was also signed by Jeff Hanneman and Paul Bostaph '94.

The guitar comes with the Peavey Hard-shell Case that has minor paint dots on the top (looks like splatter from painting a nearby wall) and a couple scuffs from moving. The hardware is rust free and functions perfectly. I also have the key for the lock.

I accept PayPal or money orders for the guitar and I am happy to answer any question I can.

I have photos of Slayer signing the guitar and I will include them with the guitar.
Sorry I don't have photos of Zakk signing the guitar.
You can view the photos here http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v506/fleshtwister666/peavey-lefty/
That's ****in sick dude!
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
Thanks! I hate to let it go because I have had it for almost 18 years but I REALLY need the cash!!
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Hmm...i want to call fake on the zakk wylde sig, or maybe he just changed his signature cause my guitar beside me was signed by him and it looks 100% different
Yes he has changed his signature. Since this was signed back in 1991 and I held it in my hands as he signed it there is no doubt that it's real. A lot of the "z" has rubbed off as well from playing.

Of course it's all up to you to believe if it's real or not since I didn't have a camera on hand to photograph him. I did get a photo of me (and the rest of the meet n greet people) with Ozzy that was provided by the radio station that I won the contest from...