C4C of course!

I usually get great reviews on this when I sing it live but I had a few drinks before recording and it may not have agreed with my voice...especially the HEYAH parts hahaha. But I do want to know roughly on a scale of 1-10 how it sounds-- basically whether or not I should include it on my demo CD.

I'm not a big fan of polishing demo CDs too much because I figure people who listen to it should have a fair idea of what I sound like, but I also don't want them to think I sound like a dying moose.

Leave a comment- seriously, ANY comment will help, even just an out-of-ten rating- and a link to a song you want me to crit and I'll be on it right away.

The song is on my UG profile. Thanks kids.
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That was pretty cool. I'd give it......an 8. I like to play it too, but the loud punked version. Still, I really think it works the way you play it. And I like your comment about not polishing demos. All my stuff is recorded live, the way I would play it if someone was in my living room listening to me. That being said, can you comment on something of mine? I have 20 something songs on my profile. Pick something that no one has listened to, that you recognize. Thanks! Hope the demo goes well.