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A few years ago my vegan sister forced me to try some soy milk and i almost puked... Shes gotten over that and moved out. But just yesterday we had some for some reason and it was the only milk in the house so i poured a glass and realized its true awesome... I love that stuff now..

So... anyone here like soymilk?
nah, not for me.
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Best milk ever. I'm kinda lactose intolerant, except for yogurt and cheese for some reason, but I refuse to drink regular milk ever again. Soymilk has the perfect taste.
I don't dislike it, but I don't really like it either. It tastes better and doesn't leave the icky aftertaste of milk. I don't really drink either one tbh, but whenever there's chocolate milk in the fridge...look out.
I hate soy milk. I had to drink it after we ran out of 2%, and I found it pretty horrible.

Then again that was like 4 years ago, so maybe I'll have to try it again.
I like the vanilla soy milk. I use it more than regular milk now.
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i like soy milk its not really a milk substitute for me though
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Wasn't there something going on about the estrogen levels in it and that it would make you a woman ?

Moobs FTW !
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My best friend is a vegan so she makes me try all these vegan "delicacies".
Some are pretty good (lemon & pepper tofu, chocolate soy milk and some of the ice creams), but plain soy milk I'm not too keen on, to be honest.

So yeah, I'll so no.

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I had exzema when I was a little kid and milk and peanut butter set it off so I had to drink soy milk for years. I'm fine with normal milk now, but I used to love it. Haven't tried it in a long time though.
I like the stuff that comes from the tits of an animal. Not the tits of a plant.
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It has to be cold. Colder than the frozen lakes of Blashyrkh. Only then is soymilk any good. It also has to be chocolate-flavored.
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