Okay, I've recently noted that a ton of nu metal bands have, in the past or even now, predominately used PRS guitars... Granted, some of these artists are now no longer a part of this genre, but at least were at one point, and still used these guitars then as well.

Linkin Park
Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
Lost Prophets
Limp Bizkit
Drowning Pool

And probably a lot more, as well. That was just from skimming the Artist roster on the website, and my own memory.

And this isn't necessarily as much of a surprise, but then the other major grouping is of really popular radio rock, and super trendy bands, like...

Matchbox Twenty
Relient K
Madina Lake
Three Doors Down
New Found Glory
Story of the Year
PRS guitars are great for basically anything you want to play with them

EDIT: and I'm pretty sure nobody in Buckcherry uses PRS. Keith uses Zemaitis guitars and some Les Pauls, and Stevie mostly uses Les Pauls
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Mike Einziger from Incubus used PRS guitars up until about 2003 when he switched to Fender. They were (unfairly, I think) considered nu metal back then
FYI, Jim Root used to play a PRS as well.
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Well Nu Metal was the mainstream music in early 00's so I guess it's sort of a "I own a richmans les paul cos I'm famous thing" which is pretty bad, considering I consider a Gibson Les Paul a rich mans les paul
Because PRSs rule, and even people with shallow enough taste in music to be playing nu metal realized that. PRS give you pretty much any tone you want, and don't restrict themselves to genres such as some other guitars do.