kay i've been playing guitar for a while and im completely self taught, so ive kinda been shying away from using chops or chugs or whatever, in songs ussually by switching up the strumming a little bit. anyway im quickly learning and trying to force myself to do stuff the right way so i dont develop horrible habits. soo how can i properly do this it seems like it should be simple but i cant for the life of me do it. unless its like a singular one with no surrounding chords like right at the start of little wing, it just sounds like shit and kind of throws my fingers outta place to continue playing properly. if anyone could tell me how they do it in simple terms im sure i'll have it down in 15 minutes i must be just doing soemthing wrong or something.
not sure what you mean but if you want to play a quick chord that doesnt ring out you just play that chord then release pressure from the strings quickly after strumming. make you sure leaving your fingers dampening the strings for a moment though
I think you are talking about picking through muted strings. Try some SRV. He lived on that stuff. A lot of blues shuffles "chop" every other note. For advice to make it better, with your fretting hand make sure not to fret any harmonics and just strum hard with your right hand. Try to really dig in.
do you mean fills within chords? Cause chops to me is like riffage
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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