I really would like to know some songs/artists that are great for playing on guitar (acoustic or electric). I want to know some that sound really fresh and bright and just kinda make you feel good. I guess that everyone would have a different opinion on what that would be but to me some of U2's songs, Angels and Airwaves, Blink-182 the song I Miss You, Bloc Party song Helicopter, Bring me the horizon's 15 fathoms counting, some of Jack Johnson's stuff. but I want some that are good for guitar and yeah I know that some of those bands might not be that great in your opinion but that's why I'm asking I want to know your opinion. i hope you know what I mean because it's hard to say but I remember watching a dvd of Angels and Airwaves back when I liked them and I h8 them as in the type's of ppl they are but I love some of there songs and I remember the lead singer saying that he wants to create an album that when you listen to it it kinda makes you wanna conker the world and that bands just don't do that anymore. srry if that's confusing
Write that out in paragraphs and using correct grammar and I might be able to read it
i miss you by blink... umm last time i heard that i don't remeber it being a "feel good" song
but anyways look up some wallflowers or the lead singer jacob dylan his new single something good this way comes is epic xD a must listen in my book
I love playing U2 stuff, Edge is just a master.

U2 - Songs
I will Follow
With or Without You
The Electric Co. & Party Girl (both from Under a Blood Red Sky CD)
Until the end of the World - sounds fcuken awesome
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Quote by FlyingBeerman
You think I Miss You by Blink 182 is a feel good song?

well I remember it when it first cam out and I was younger then so when I hear it, it takes me back to then lol
In My Head by Queens Of The Stone Age is very simple but imo sounds really good.