I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now (2-3 of them seriously) and have gotten by on my PRS SE Custom. It's an amazing guitar, but lately I have been very interested in playing metal and hardcore music which is definatly not the PRS's strength.

I'm not in much of a rush so the budget is around $300-$500 dollars. Any suggestions for a good Guitar / Manufactuer to look into? I know Ibanez, Schecter and Jackson all make what I'm looking for. A nice trem would be good but I change tuning far too much to try and deal with a floyd rose. =D
What kind of guitar shapes are you after, number of frets, active or passive pick-ups?
Hey dude. I got a prs billy martin SE. didn't even know who billy martin was until after i got it. It's gonna be hard to find a good metal guitar that isn't cheaply made in your specific price range. Jacksons and schecter's never felt good to me. Sound was always too cheap in the jacksons and schecters just felt cheap. If i were you I would look into one of the better B.C. riches. try checking out platinum or NJ warlocks and warbeasts. idk what the prices are but the NJ warbeasts are freaking insane man. If your not into the badass shapes then go to ibanez I guess
Yeah, the NJ Warbeasts are awesome for the price you pay. I've owned 3 Jackson's and I'd have to say that they are kickass for metal and hard rock.
ibanez 350 rg (Y)
dx, ex is v nice (Y)
schtecher c-1, elite
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