hi i want to buy an amp for about the price of a line 6 spider III 15 but i don't know what. i play ACDC Led Zeppelin Wolfmother ect. my guitar is a epiphone G-400. can you guys help?
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vox AD series
roland cube series

that is all
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epi valve jr or Fender champ 600.
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vox ad
Would you buy used? What part of the planet are you on - near what major city? Used markets vary by location, not stalking you for your amp budget LOL!
i am in geelong and i would buy used. Are all the valeve amps for this price?
I would try shops in Melbourne for any used gear. Maybe you could get lucky and get a Epi VJ combo but that's a stretch. Would still need an overdrive to get ACDC or Zep at bedroom practice volumes. For roughly $100 I would say a MicroCube or Vox Da5 would be much better than the spider, but you may have to save a little to get one of those. Also I would check out the new PV Vypyr if you can, the small one may be within reach. I haven't tried the vypyr tho so check it out - it may not work for you.