What's the advantage of having two speaker cones in a guitar amp rather than just the one?

I'm getting a Vox AC30, is it worth paying the extra for the two seaker version?

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Two speakers means it can push twice the air, can go louder and might change the sound you hear from it. I'd recommend you try them side-by-side and see what you need. Personally I wouldn't wanna be gigging with a one-speaker amp.
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My Marshall AVT thing has one speaker and can pay a large hall (750 capacity) on half volume. Does it sound 'better', which I know is a silly question, personal taste etc., but generally speaking...

It's only about £50 exra for the second speaker tho, so would it be worth gong for it?
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Just looked it up and they are 12".
The biggest one-speaker amp I've spent time with was a Line 6 30watt modeling amp. Obviously being line 6 and with all the digital modeling crap it was rubbish, but I think a second speaker would have improved it a bit. It's nice to feel the sound hitting you, which only really happens when you're moving a lot of air.
There are good reasons to have a smaller amp - can overdrive it more - but I'd say go with the two speaker one if it's not that much more. I know I'd kick myself if i didn't. Plus, two speakers look better than one.
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Yeah you can push more air/get a fuller sound, have a bit more headroom too (just a tiny bit) and generally cut through better.
But it's much heavier to carry
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yeah that's true. my twin is a pain to carry round, but if you're gonna spend money on a nice amp weight has to be secondary to tone
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I prefer the sound of more than just one speaker in an amp.

To my ears it's like the sound has more body to it.
cheers for the advice. I'll probably get the two speaker one. My drummer can carry it!
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Well I have a 1x12 combo and a 1x12 cab. You can get a great tone with a 1x12 amp. Keep in mind, it's half as much to upgrade the speakers, MUCH eaiser to carry (I could barely lift a Vox AC30 with two speakers, you need to be two persons to do that often!) and so on.
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i have 2 1x12 cabs.

i like the extra speaker for my amps head. and keeping it all separate, makes it easier to move around and pick and choose use.

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i'd say youre only paying for extra bulk and weight and its only worth it if youre gigging and a 112 would struggle

the AC30 is a loud amp to start with
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