Can anyone help me with a 1977 Peavey Classic 212 footswitch?
I've searched the web a bit and I've found nothing so far.

I've also contacted Peavey's support and politely requested the schematic - they've been helpful so far and I'm a bit impatient :-) so I was wondering if anyone else could help?

I think the plug at the back is called a din plug? so its not simple as a stereo 1/4" plug. I'm a bit nervous to experiment by shorting the connections see what happens :-)

Thanks in Advance,
1/4" stereo plug , common ground to 2 switches, shorting to the tip and first ring of the stereo plug.

_______ _
_______ _ > ----------------------
^ground ^ channel switch ..... reverb
Thanks for replying Sanitarium.

The footswitch connection isn't a 14" stereo plug. I haven't had the amp long so I think it has 6 or 7 pins with a surrounding connector (with a kink in it) very similar to those old ps2 keyboard/mouse plugs - except much larger. I think its called a DIN connector. Maybe photo will be more explanitory.

This is a link to the instruction manual: http://www.peavey.com/media/pdf/manuals/classic.pdf
According to that it should have 4 switches - combiner, selector, reverb and tremelo button.
Here is a pic of the connector at the back of the amp.

If anybody has any idea of how the switch is wired - please let me know.
DSC01232 (Small).JPG
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