"Dear friends.

A few months ago we decided to part ways with Christian. The reasons are mainly the clichéd "business and creative differences" and lack of interpersonal chemistry. We came to a point where the band's existence was in jeopardy because of these differences, and the only way for us to continue with an inspired state of mind was to go through with this change in the line-up.

This should come as a total surprise to most of you, though you might have wondered why no gigs/tours have been announced since the release of “Holographic Universe”. The truth is, we have been offered several tours and one-off shows that everyone in the band wanted to do except for Christian. In a situation like that you get a lot of frustration and it was in everyone's best interest to go separate ways.

We started Scar Symmetry just for the fun of it, never with the idea of becoming hugely successful or whatever. Now, three albums into our career, we've toured both Europe and North America, our latest CD made it to Billboard's Top Heatseekers' chart and we've enjoyed success way beyond our expectations. Needless to say, the situation for us as a band has changed since we started playing together in 2004 and the band is bigger than ever. We had the choice to either take a step back with Christian in the band or a step forward without him... We choose to go forward.

There comes a time to let go and move on, and that time is now. Scar Symmetry wishes Christian the best of luck with his future endeavors and salutes the good times we had with him in the band. We will announce the identity of Christian's replacement shortly.

Comments former singer Christian Älvestam:

"Hi all!

After discussions between us in the band, I'm sad to say we've decided to part ways! Mainly for reasons of different outlooks on musical production and touring. Of course it's sad to see that Scar Symmetry will not continue in its present form, but unfortunately these things happen.

I hope Scar Symmetry will go on being successful, while I myself will for sure keep on singing, playing, writing and performing my own music, in various shapes and forms, for a very long time.
My musical journey has just begun!

Unfortunate as it is, I'd nevertheless like to thank all the bands I've come to meet and play with during my years in the band; all the organizers we've worked with since the start, Nuclear Blast and all its street-teams for believing and supporting (band-wise and personally); all the magazines, TV- and radio-stations giving us the attention, helping us spreading the name; all the crews that have helped us out during the tours.

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank all the fantastic fans I've come to meet and know while being on the road with the band.
All you friends out there who have bought our albums and merchandice, supported us live, partied with us back stage, off stage, on stage, under stage, anywhere and everywhere! All you who have stood by our side through thick and thin! You guys make all the difference! Thank you for a wonderful time!

This is Christian Älvestam signing off!"

Way bummer. I loved his vocals on the new album.
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Unless they find a new singer that really is something special, this band is fucked.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Unless they find a new singer that really is something special, this band is fucked.

Gonna have to agree.
He was a pretty unique vocalist. One of the few growl/clean guys whos growled tone sounded nothing like his clean tone.
Considering his (seeming) enthusiasm for continuing music all the same, I wonder what the story is about him supposedly holding them back from shows and the like (and not just future material).
Maybe he just didn't feel like touring?
Notice they said "been offered SEVERAL tours".
Especially in metal, that can mean a LOT of moving around and playing.
Maybe he just wanted to take it a bit slower where as they wanted to get out and move forward as quick as possible.
Either way, it's no one's fault so.
Ohh man, he was one of my favourite vocalists!
I hope they can find someone equal or better or they just won't be the same
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I'm not a fan of Scar Symmetry, but his vocals were their strongest element
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That sucks... He was without a doubt the best part of the band.
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That sucks, I was listening to Holographic Universe earlier.
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
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i agree with yoozum/bmtc/scourge
without him, they'll probably end up hoplessly generic like most melodeath bands out there...
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Unless they find a new singer that really is something special, this band is fucked.

Agreed. And Im listening to Holographic Universe right now. He is such a unique singer.
WTF this pisses me off. I've been obsessed with the new album all summer. I listen to it every day lol. This is upsetting. I hope they get recognized for the album, the singer was a big part of the band for sure.
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Unless they find a new singer that really is something special, this band is fucked.

Boy, is that a true statement!

I was seriously disappointed about this. So disappointed that I actually made a threado nly to find out that there was another thread about it! Oh, to my surprise!
Unless they recruit Akerfeldt, I think we can just about assume that's the end of that band.
Its because he didnt want to tour constantly, and wanted to take it slower. The other band members wanted to do lots of touring and Christian didnt like that.