My band is looking for some new mics to use live. We had a few Shure Beta 58s but they got stolen at our last gig. Even with those we had a problem with feedback. So the guy that produced our record suggested the OM5's. He said you could point them right at the monitors and they won't feedback. Anyone have any live experience with these mics?
I've never used one but the reviews on HC seem quite positive:


Interesting about the feedback, one of the posts says it has a very tight polar pattern, so I guess this stops it feeding back - dunno how it would behave with live vocals though, you might have to practically eat it for it to work!

Can you get on to try out before you buy?
I have not heard much about Audix mics but there was one compared to the SM57 on youtube and it sounded fair.

Personally I would stick with the standard mics such as the Shure SM57 and 58...
I don't think I can try them out first. I read the reviews on HC and I am a little worried about the tight polar pattern. Pretty much everyone says if you don't stay right up on the mic the sound will fade. So if you take someone that is used to controlling the sound with mic control and have them use this mic it could take a while to retrain themselves. Then you have me who plays and sings backup sometimes and of course I can't stay right on the mic cause I'm looking down trying to switch pedals and whatnot.