Can someone recommend some fast paced, dance-inducing, "heavy" electronic music?

I'm starting to grow of metal 24/7 and a new path could further help me appreciate music.
UNKLE, BT, Modwheelmood, Frou Frou/Imogen Heap, Crystal Castles...

Just some of the ones i like...

Edit, didn't read "fast paced, dance inducing", for that there's the dance thread up there...
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The Prodigy are a good gateway band between metal and dance.

I've listened to a few songs by them, although I'd like something a bit more electronic maybe?

Thanks again af_the_fragile and smb
^The video didn't work but I heard some songs by them. Not really my thing, maybe something a bit more ... uniform?
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Aah jungle DnB!!!

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^The video didn't work but I heard some songs by them. Not really my thing, maybe something a bit more ... uniform?

I presume you're looking for something like this:
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These may not sound too fast to you, but once dance music gets too fast alot of people stop dancing and just jump about and smash into each other and thats when it can get a bit moody.
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Four Tet
A Lily
Not fast paced or heavy, but amazing none the less.

Give 65daysofstatic a try. It sounds like you would like them.
Infected Mushroom.
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^I like Infected Mushroom

So, I'm really in love with this song by Calyx called "Warior", what type of electronic is this? Any other music like that?
Seriously, their awesome. Check out my kraftwerk group and thread if you like them.
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