My guitar recently stopped working so i collected the replacement warranty, $150, on it, but i have to spend it at a guitar center. I only have enough money at the moment to spend about $250. the guitar at guitar center i would be happy with buying is the Epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar which is $299. guitar center offers a low price guarantee so i was wondering if anyone sees or knows a place, unfortunately has to be a licensed dealer, where the price is lower. any ideas how to haggle it lower too. thanks for all your help.
You say listen, I have only 250. (Dont tell them you have a gift card). If you want to make a deal, I will by all means, otherwise, I have a dealer that is offering it to me at a lower price (you're lying, be clever and creative so they cant check). I want to take it from him at that price. If you can't do any better then i'm sorry....

You wanna remember that at the end, they paid about 120 for a 300 dollar guitar. So a 50 dollar profit loss is NOT a big deal for them, they do it all the time. Don't be nervous, what do you have to lose?

BTW, if they ask u only have 250 but a gift card from us (this is when your paying), you say, yea, if I ddnt get it here today my buddy was going to buy my gift card from me...

Understood? I hope I helped you...
Tell them all you have is $250. But if you buy the guitar, you will be a repeat customer for strings and other items. No guitar, no repeat business.
I guess the rumors regarding GC no longer making deals has actually come true and hit my local GC.

HOWEVER... this is the lowdown I was given by the person I deal with over there all the time.

They no longer haggle on prices, BUT that doesn't mean they can't work with someone on traded in equipment, or even used if the used item has been there for a long period of time. The non-haggling thing is primarily in regards to new equipment.

They will at the very least, price match competitor's pricing (not another Guitar Center). So if you can get some type of written deal (email works) from another music store, and show Guitar Center, they can again work a deal.

All "deals" have to be approved by management. If you want "in," make friends with the higher ups. Chat, hang around (without being a douche), and make nicey nice with the managers.

They can see everything you bought in the past. So if they can see that you're a repeat customer already, they'd be more inclined to work with you. Grab a magazine from there now and then. A pick or a pack of strings every once in a while. Show them that you return for even the little things all the time, and they know they'll be able to count on you returning again and again.
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